Hip-hop fans rejoice! De La Soul has released their mixtape 'Smell the Da.I.S.Y.' featuring beats by the late and great J Dilla. As far as we are concern, De La and Dilla go together like peanut butter and jelly.

According to the trio, the Da.I.S.Y. stands for the "Da Inner Soul of Yancey."

"Dilla didn’t just produce for us, he was an inspiration, and often the kickstart to many De La albums, said Trugoy on the mixtape intro. "A soft-spoken dude, his style and approach to producing will forever leave a loud imprint in hip-hop."

The 13-track collection features some previously released vocals from Trugoy and Posdunos over some funky, head-nodding productions from Dilla.

For example, 'Who' features the duo’s recycled vocals from 'Oooh!' over a thumping beat courtesy of Dilla Dawg.

Standout tracks include 'Taking the Train' with De La rapping over a repetitive organ groove. On 'Leave Your Cares Behind,' Trugoy and Posdunos spit an easy-going flow over a jazz-hop instrumental. On 'No More No Less,' De La raps over Dilla’s 'On Stilts' beat.

The mixtape tape ends with 'Marvin Jaye,' a mash-up of Gaye’s vocals from 'Sexual Healing' with Dilla’s 'Body Movin' beat from his fantastic 'The Shining' LP.

Overall, it’s great to hear some of De La Soul rhymes over some signature J Dilla beats.

Listen and enjoy.

Listen to De La Soul's Mixtape 'Smell The Da.I.S.Y.'