Last month, De La Soul announced their fundraising drive via Kickstarter for their new album. Within hours, the group surpassed their $110,00 goal thanks to 3,000 fans. As they continue to raise more money, the legendary trio deliver a new song called “God It” featuring the God MC himself Nas.

Over horn blasts and a thumping beat, Posdnuos and Dave (aka Trugoy) relay verses about the rap game and warn naysayers that they can still spit lyrical fire.

“This digital onslaught, it's the world we live / Get with it or get quiet / You stay home while we stay on that Nasir Jones / Ya'll, the world is our diet,” raps Pos about today’s floundering music industry.

Meanwhile, Dave reminds folks that he’s still lyrically sharp and hasn’t lost his soul. “Now when I walk in the street they call me De La / As if I lost my soul / I still got it baby boy / Check the Nikes baby boy,” he raps.

Our only gripe with the song is that Nas is regulated to the chorus. We would love to hear the God’s Son creator give his thoughts on the rap game as well. Nevertheless, De La Soul is back and are in true form.

“While busy at work, we also like to play,” said De La Soul via their official website. “This song is not on the new album, but an indication of good music to come. We’re still in Atlanta recording and it sounds amazing! We can’t wait to get this new album to you.”

With only 10 days to go, the group have already raised $473,000 towards their new album. If you want to contribute to De La Soul's fundraising campaign, head over to and donate a couple of bucks.

Listen to De La Soul's "God It" Feat. Nas

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