Nearly eight years ago, Tommy Boy reissued De La Soul's classic debut, '3 Feet High and Rising' with a bonus disc chock full of B-sides, would be skits, and alternate versions. But that was then and this is now. Gearing up for the 20th anniversary edition of said debut, De La Soul have their sights set big this time around.

"We thought: Why not interpret the older tracks and redo them?" Posdnous tells The BoomBox. "So, instead of doing 'Say No Go' over, why not do 'Say No Go' over with Hall & Oates?Why not do 'Me Myself and I' with George Clinton and a couple members of Funkadelic? That's how we're trying to [approach] this particular project."

Indeed, this is an ambitious undertaking but in the end it should be worth it. Why? Because they want to package the newly interpreted version of '3 Feet High and Rising' with their new record, 'You're Welcome.' While it's still in the recording phase, Pos did shed some details on it that sound rather tasty.

"We have several songs put together -- some with Chuck D, we got a song with Damon Albarn from Gorillaz -- it's a really great sounding album. We pride ourselves on [originality], so we're just not like 'here, we'll give you something you already had," he says of the '3 Feet' reinterpretation. "We immediately thought 'why not put a new album with it?"

Until then, we'll have to be content with that worn out, ordinary copy of '3 Feet' while De La heads out next month for a short club tour.