Daz Dillinger already wears the titles of producer, rapper and entrepreneur. Now he plans to add filmmaker and actor.

Dillinger, who just released the album 'So So Gangsta,' is already thinking ahead, working on a film called 'My Summer Vacation,' which he says will star both himself and his homey Kurupt.

"It's gonna be directed by me and I'm getting that prepared right now, pumping it up," he says. "I'm gonna put my own money into it, film it and come out with it on DVD. That's going to be my next project for next year."

If the title sounds familiar to fans of the old Death Row days, it should. 'My Summer Vacation' is a song on Ice Cube's 1991 solo album, 'Death Certificate.' "I made a movie out of that song, which was really the life that we were living in St. Louis," says Dillinger. "If you listen to that song, you get the whole picture."