Battle rapper Daylyt is infamous for his insane antics during his lyrical bouts. From exposing his penis to stripping down naked, nothing is too extreme for the rhymer. But his latest stunt will most likely have him banned from competing in future events.

At the Duel in the Desert event in Phoenix, Ariz., over the weekend, Daylyt was battling against Real Deal when he dropped his pants and tried to defecate onstage. The Los Angeles rapper attempted this act after he became agitated by the crowd's boos over his annoying antics.

“If I hear two more boos, I’ma take a boo boo on stage,” he told the audience, according to

As the audience continued to jeer and heckle at Daylyt, he dropped his pants and tried to soil the stage with his feces. Security stepped in and immediately removed the rapper from the venue.

“I’m just a gay Black man trying to make it in this world. That’s it,” said Daylyt outside the venue. “I told them weeks in advance don’t put everybody after me 'cause I’m gonna shut the event down. I told them.”

This isn't the first time Daylyt's actions have raised eyebrows. In August, during an interview with Vlad TV, the rapper admitted he would "f--- the s--- out of Diddy."

Watch the bizarre rap battle incident below.




Watch Daylyt Try to Explain Why He Was Booted Out of Battle Rap Event