Before video director David Rousseau met Lil Wayne and filmed more than 12 of his music videos pre-prison sentence this year, he hadn't witnessed a work ethic quite like that of the Young Money leader.

"He's a beast," Rousseau reveals. "There's nobody doing it any better than him right now. That's why he is where is his. It's not a fluke. He works harder than anybody that I know."

The visual artist, who launched his production company, CreativeSeen, in 2008, worked ambitiously with Wayne while filming videos such as 'I Am Not a Human Being,' which showcased the rapper's glow-in-the-dark tattoos, and 'Roger That,' the comic book-inspired Young Money clip featuring Nicki Minaj and Tyga.

"Sometimes it's cool 'cause I have the best seat in the house," the director admits. "People watch it on TV and I'm sitting right next to the camera, watching [Lil Wayne] do his thing. It's history in the making. People are gonna watch what we shoot with him for years [to come]."

Apart from his work with Wayne, Rousseau has sat in the director's chair for quite some time, manning the camera for the likes of Lil Jon, Pitbull, Flo Rida, Birdman and Fat Joe. As a result, he scored a 2010 MTV Video Music Awards nomination for Best Dance Video with Enrique Iglesias' 'I Like It (Jersey Shore Edition),' featuring Pitbull, and even landed another video with a Cash Money Records star, due out at the top of next year.

"Jay Sean's video featuring Birdman, it's called 'Like This Like That,'" says Rousseau. "That was shot in Miami. It's a slick performance video with a lot of light elements. It's really all about Jay Sean. Its gonna be that video of his that shows what he can do as a performer. With a lot of videos, so many times there are a lot of things going on that you just forget ... 'Who's the artist again?' Yeah, Birdman has a verse in it, but we just wanted to do something to showcase [Jay Sean]."

For the Venezuelan-born, Miami resident, Rousseau allows his demiurgic images, rather than his name, to speak for itself. He's not worried about branding himself strictly in one genre; he wants to immerse his skills in every lane, from hip-hop anthems to dance tunes.

"I rather make it so that we blend in with the artist and song, so we can do whatever," he states. "You know how some video directors put their names in front of things, like that's their signature look, I'd rather not have that. Like the new video we're doing is for Benny Benassi with T-Pain, it's called 'Electro Man.' If [I] were known as a hip-hop director I wouldn't be able to do a Benny Benassi video. I'd rather be able to move stealth."

Watch Lil Wayne's 'I Am Not A Human Being'

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