David Bowie's death stunned the music world this past week leaving many in shock that the rock legend was no longer with us. DJ Terry Urban paid homage to the late rocker with a new mash-up song featuring the late hip-hop legend the Notorious B.I.G.

The song, "Biggie Stardust," pairs a verse from the Brooklyn rapper's posthumous classic "Dead Wrong" and laying it on top of Bowie's rollicking guitar riffs from "Moorage Daydream" and the blend is simply to die for.

The track opens with a man asking "What did David Bowie think about David Bowie?" before dropping the beat and bringing in the glorious vocals of the man of the hour. DJ Terry Urban chooses to loop the opening lyrics of "Moonage Daydream" for "Biggie Stardust," with Bowie singing "I'm an alligator, I'm a mama-poppa coming for you," his vocals serving as a reminder as to why he was so revered as an artist.

The proceedings only gets better as Biggie's booming voice comes in and his flow fitting snug as a glove over beats by Bowie as he raps "Relax and take notes, while I take tokes of the marijuana smoke / Throw you in a choke, gun smoke, gun smoke / Biggie Smalls for mayor, the rap slayer / The hooker layer, motherf---er, say your prayers."

"Biggie Stardust" isn't the first time that Biggie and Bowie have been in concert together, as the late rapper famously rapped over a sample of Bowie's 1983 hit, "Let's Dance" for Puff Daddy's 1997 single, "Been Around The World."

While it's unfortunate that Bowie and Biggie never got to work together, this mash-up gives us an idea of the magic that would've been created.

Listen to the David Bowie & Notorious B.I.G. Mashup "Biggie Stardust" By Terry Urban

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