As we previously reported, David Banner was successful in his lawsuit against Lil Wayne's Young Money Records, by winning a default judgement for more than $164,000.

If you recall, the Mississippi rapper and producer said Weezy stiffed him for two songs that he produced for Tha Carter III, which were "La La" and "P---- Monster." He also claimed to never receive any royalties for the cuts.

Plus, Banner said he wasn't compensated for making the "Streets Is Watchin" beat, off the 2009 compilation album We Are Young Money. According to the 42-year-old, he was owed over $15,000 for that particular track.

But now, for the first time since the judgement, Banner has spoken out about the case and said he doesn't care for the way the media tried to pit him and Wayne against each other. He also said the negative story lines follows a consistent pattern whenever people of color have any sort of conflict.

"As entertainers, our business is very complex and it should not be a matter of public display," said Banner in an interview with AllHipHop. "America has always attempted to pit Black men against each other like gladiators, then laugh when we clash."

The "Cadillac on 22s" creator also wanted people to know that he didn't say anything about the lawsuit and his issue with Young Money boss was all business and nothing more.

"I have never commented on this case. It is only a matter of public record," stated Banner. "I value all my clients and dread when our business ever plays out in the public ... Focus on cops killing innocent African people."

As of now, Lil hasn't commented on the case, nor has anyone from Young Money.

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