David BannerAfter regaining control of his spiraling health in 2008, rapper David Banner has teamed up with interactive fitness company PumpOne to concoct a new iPhone/iPod weight loss application. The new app, called 'David Banner's Work Out or Die,' will provide subscribers with workout regimens and weight loss advice Banner found effective during his struggle to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Banner, after clocking in at 225 lbs, put himself on a fitness regimen that allowed him to drop 57 lbs in three months time. Pressing health concerns, which included sleep apnea, high blood pressure and the threat of diabetes made weight loss an urgent situation for the Southern rapper.

"People are really interested in how I lost weight," Banner told AllHipHop. Banner says that the number of friends and fans who sought out his advice on successful weight loss tips prompted him to create a program to effectively share his strategies. "One of my friends that works at Apple said, 'You need to take it to your people and stop talking about it. You're helping people's lives. That's a way for you to continue that movement.' And I decided to do it."

PumpOne, a fully-rounded enterprise, which incorporates traditional books, physical therapy and fitness programs, launched its first iPhone application in 2008. The company has partnered with several fitness magazines in an attempt to launch easy to use applications, eliminating the nuisance of collecting fitness advice from various editorials.
Banner's application is scheduled for an early 2010 launch.