David Banner is trippin'. At least that's what much of social media thinks after the 41-year-old rhymer shared his thoughts on black women and science while promoting his new single, "Marry Me," during an interview on xoNecole.

His troubling words on men's urges have sent many fans into an uproar since he uses his "scientific standpoint" to back his argument.

"The thing is, if we don’t have real conversations with each other we’re never going to heal. What’s funny about it is, I actually learned about that from a scientific standpoint. If a man sees flesh and ass, he can’t see anyway because his d---’s hard," said Banner. "And when his d--- gets hard, the blood rushes from his feet and from his head. So we can’t walk and we can’t see. Even from a scientific standpoint, when we see ass and titties we can’t see!"

Not only is it not a scientific fact, it's an excuse for men to refrain from controlling themselves around women. And that wasn't the only words from the "Play" rapper that's has feminists piqued.

"There’s no way that a man can raise a female child by himself and expect for her to be mentally functional," said Banner. "Just because a woman can raise a man that is successful in the United States doesn’t mean that you properly raised a man."

Banner instantly became a trending topic on Wednesday (Nov. 11) as a result of his interview. Many critics are now looking at the "Cadillacs on 22s" rapper sideways. "I trust Beaker from the Muppets more on matters of science than David Banner. The same goes for relationship advice," one tweeted. "David banner out here literally going blind from seeing p----. He not #woke he #diabetic," tweeted another.

But while his "science" is all wrong, his latest track, "Marry Me" is a sweet song dedicated to black women. "You look at most of who so-called people of success cater to -- nine times out of 10 it may not be a black woman at all. And if it is, it’s definitely not ones that look like our cousins or our great-grandmothers. And I said man, if nobody in the world says that they love them and that they respect them and that they want them, it’ll be me," he explained in the interview.

Twitter users caught on to the confusing and sort of contrasting messages though. "David Banner is not quite sure what seat he wants to sit in. One day he makes sense, the next he's misogynistic and hoteppy," tweeted one.

Listen to the rapper's new song "Marry Me" and thoughts from the Twitterverse about his interview below.

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