David Banner and 9th Wonder

David Banner and producer 9th Wonder have teamed up to honor the memory of 16-year-old Derrion Albert, the high school student who was brutally beaten to death on the streets of Chicago's Southside neighborhood in September. After a video of the attack aired on national news outlets shocking viewers across the nation, several hip-hop artists took to the Internet to express their grief and disappointment. Nas was one of the first artists to speak out on the incident, via a thoughtful letter addressed to the perpetrators. The Queens rapper pleaded with the youth to move past the violence that he also grew up with.

Now, after nearly a month has elapsed, Banner and 9th Wonder have set out to make sure that the nation will not let the mounting violence in Chicago go unnoticed. The duo will dedicate a new song titled "Something's Wrong," to the slain teen. Several artists, including The Cool Kids, Twista, Rhymefest and Crucial Conflict are scheduled to make appearances in the video, which will be filmed on Chicago's Westside on Tuesday.

The video shoot and accompanying rally will take place at Chicago's George's Music Room. The two-hour segment will be aired on MTV in an effort to bring consciousness to the growing violence in Chicago. Several community leaders, local celebrities and students are scheduled to attend the event.

Four teenage boys were arrested and charged with the September 24th murder.