Danny Brown crowned himself "The Greatest Rapper Ever" years ago and that bold declaration helped get him signed to Fool’s Gold Records, where he’s released his critically acclaimed albums ‘XXX’ and ‘Old.' Now Danny’s part of the elite class of buzzing indie acts, setting himself apart with skills that make him much more than the average druggy rapper.

Bodega Bamz carries a lot of weight on his shoulders. Not only has he taken on the Herculean task of “bringing New York back" with his "new New York" cohorts like A$AP Mob and World’s Fair, he’s puttin’ on for the underrepresented Latino hip-hop element. It’s a been a year since he’s released his mixtape ‘Strictly 4 My P.A.P.I.Z.’ and the Tanboys movement is getting stronger by the day.

Which artist is doper though? Do you prefer Bamz’s "Latin trap" to Danny Brown’s raunchy bars or vice versa? Cast your vote for the Greatest Indie Rapper Ever in the poll below.

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