The intro for Danny Brown's new album, 'Old,' has hit the album and it's just as honest, raw, and fantastic as you would hope.

While preceding cuts 'ODB' and 'Kush Coma' have been much more blunted and hype, 'Side A' features a much more subdued and straightforward Brown. Backed by a superbly grimy and menacing instrumental, he delivers verbal threats to all of his doubters and everyone wanting that "old Danny Brown." As he repeats on the hook, "Might have to go and get my braids back/ Matta fact, go and bring them AKs back!"

Fans of Brown's more subdued and lucid raps are sure to eat this up, and he knows it. The Detroit MC has made it clear that he's in a different stage in his life, but that doesn't mean you should tempt him with back-handed compliments or sh-t-talking.

You can hear the track below. 'Old' drops Sept. 30.

[via XclusivesZone]