We already know Danny Brown doesn't like the way Big Sean represents Detroit; "He ain’t been to the hood in years," he told The FADER back in August. Now, in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the 'Old' rapper called out fellow tween icon Miley Cyrus for her comments on his hometown.

"Detroit's where I felt like I really grew up. It was only for a summer, but that's where I started going to clubs, where I got my first tattoo. Well, not my first tattoo, but my first without my mom's consent," the former 'Hannah Montana' star told Rolling Stone in her own interview.

In response, Danny candidly said, "She ain't live no Detroit experience. We can throw that out the window. I think she just trying to be cool. Personally, the reason that I don't like it is there's a lot of little girls that saw and looked up to Miley Cyrus as a little kid. Now they grown and they seeing what she doing. Somebody else can do that; you can be the one person who don't do that. What's your point? That you want to f--k black n---as or something? I don't get it."

Brown went on to further throw shade by saying hip-hop artists who co-sign the 'We Can't Stop' singer are "doing that just trying to eat." But his disdain for the whole movement becomes evidently clear when he talks about the depressing state of Detroit: "Back in the day, if you came around stunting and had some money, n---as may try and get at you. Now if you come around and you got money, people are like, 'How you do that? Can you help me? I want to learn.'"

You can read Danny's full interview with Rolling Stone here.