As made evident in this new feature with GQ, style is much more than just one of Danny Brown's favorite ad libs.

The Detroit rapper breaks down what are being labeled as the "rules of rebel style," which include knowing how to properly pass a blunt around and the importance of using Vocal Eze. Apparently he learned about how to use the throat-soothing product during a tour several years back with G-Unit.

Brown also speaks on table manners, easily the most hilarious portion of the video. He picks up a Detroit Tigers hat and throws it on his head, noting that you can wear your hat and hoodie wherever you want. Why? Because he's trying to protect himself from his hair falling in his food. He also jokes that he doesn't know how to use chopsticks, so eats all Asian food like it's sushi before bursting into laughter.

The 'Old' rapper is also the focus of a written feature, during which he explains how artists in his hometown made literal house music.

"In New York, you go out every day and do shit. Detroit, you stay in the house for days. I think it's what makes us experimental. You're trapped inside and bored.

"My new album is very emotional. It's a party album, but it's dark. You gotta see Detroit as what it is: the city that made Juan Atkins, same city that made Jack White, same city that made Eminem."

You can watch the video above and read the full feature at GQ. His new album, 'Old,' drops Sept. 30.