Years ago, before Danny Brown decided to be a rapper full time he was your not-so-friendly neighborhood street pharmacist in his native Detroit--and he hated. In the video for 'Dope Song' Brown returns to his Linwood hood in the Motor City to turn up with some of his Bruiser Brigade homies and to officially kiss the dope game behind.

Between porch front performance shots (with a Freddie Gibbs cameo), psychedelic color filters we get Danny in a dusty Givenchy hoodie riding shotgun as his DJ/producer SKYWLKR drives through Brown's dilapidated old stomping grounds. The 'Dope Song' clip culminates with him putting a symbolic end to his tales of drug dealing when he and SKYWLKR drive to a junkyard to have the old school Cadillac they were riding in turned into scrap metal.

Watch the Dope Song video above.Danny Brown's impressive album 'Old' is in stores now.