Danny Brown has announced a documentary entitled Live at The Majestic, that will premiere in New York city next week.

Although many are still awaiting more music from Brown, since his last album OLD released in 2013. Fans can look forward to this upcoming premiere event in Brooklyn. Live At The Majestic will open on Tuesday, May 24th, at House Of Vans.

The film is directed by Andrew Cohn, another native of Michigan, and will be centered around a performance in Danny's hometown of Detroit while also showing conversations with the rapper as he tells stories of growing up in the city.

Brown is anxious for his fans to see the project and explained the process in a recently released statement.

"I'm excited to premiere something as personal as Live at the Majestic at House of Vans," reads the statement from the rapper. "I've worked with Vans from Guangzhou to Brooklyn and this is a cool addition to our histories."The event will also feature a live performance by Danny himself. You can get more information about Live At The Majestic and RSVP at HouseOfVans.com.