In the weeks following the release of 'Black Messiah,' it wasn't surprising for fans to think D'Angelo could possibly spend the next few years in recluse before following up this album with another (which is fine considering 'Black Messiah' is superb). However, that's not the case. Before rocking Harlem, N.Y.'s Apollo Theater next month, D'Angelo and the Vanguard will play 'Saturday Night Live' on Jan. 31.

This comes a few months after Prince, who's known as one of D'Angelo's biggest inspirations, performed a three-song medley on 'Saturday Night Live.' After he takes the stage there and at the Apollo, the crooner will embark on the month-long Second Coming tour over in Europe.

The Jan. 31 episode of 'SNL' will be hosted by actor J.K. Simmons, who came into recent prominence with his Golden Globe Award-winning performance in 'Whiplash.' Simmons is welcomed, but even he must know that D'Angelo is going to make more headlines the following Sunday morning.