Nate DoggProducer and former Los Angeles radio kingpin Damizza recently visited legendary Dogg Pound singer Nate Dogg, who is still recovering from a series of strokes, and made a detailed account of the visit.

Nate, who is known for his work with Dr. Dre, Warren G, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris and many more, was left partially paralyzed and breathing through a tube after suffering his second stroke in September of 2008. The last report of his condition came from his 213 partner Warren G, who said that he's "getting good therapy and he's pulling out of it."

According to Damizza's account, the G-Funk legend has made remarkable progress since then. "I took him, in his wheelchair, to a computer and played him all the songs we've done together," Damizza said. "His mom was surprised because all the records Nate and I did were positive ones that expressed his true feelings. I played him 'Music and Me.' I played him 'Wake Up.' And 'Where I Wanna Be.' I also sung him an unreleased record we had done just for fun ... and his face lit up and he laughed, as he is able."

Though Nate is not yet able to speak, Damizza claims that he is very close, and that he gave the Grammy-winning singer some incentive to continue his progress.

"I said 'I'll bring you your catalogue, headphones and a CD player if you just try to talk again'" Damizza reported. "He looked up and signaled 'Yes!' I go back in two weeks and I hope that his listening to his music helps bring him back from whatever space he's in. God knows, in my darkest times, HE was the one who pulled ME out. I want to thank Snoop, Kurupt, Warren, Butch and all of his real friends and family who have visited him since his stroke; I KNOW what it's meant to Nate because, as I mentioned their names, his face lit up."

Read the rest of Damizza's heartfelt account here. We wish Nate Dogg the best.