Rappers have already gone from wearing genre-standard baggy pants to skinny jeans, so why shouldn't they take it a step further and rock flower-print tights?

That's what a 19-year-old Dallas MC, born Daryll Duane Phillips II, is doing. Having pioneered the "XY Movement" -- a trend he hopes will have dudes dressing like ladies -- the rising rapper, who goes by the name D Phill Good or DPhill Spanglishman, is turning heads with a gender-bending wardrobe of leggings and red lipstick.

Despite his fey fashion choices, D Phill insists he's not gay. In fact, he's got a girlfriend and she's down with his glammed-out look.

"The only obstacles are in your mind," DPhill said in a recent interview with Dallas' CW 33. "I had to break down those barriers in my mind, to where I was confident enough to do it."

While he admits that he was nervous the first time he left the house in his girly gear -- a brave move for someone looking to make a name in the notoriously macho world of hip-hop -- he said he's not concerned with asserting his manliness.

"I believe I'm 40-percent female, basically because of my emotions," he said. "I'm a very emotional person."

"Everybody has a soft side,' he added. "I embrace both sides."

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