Mos Def2009 has been a solid counterpoint to those that thought Mos Def had become too Hollywood. Def's fourth solo album 'The Ecstatic' was one of the best albums of the year and the ever-mighty Boogie Man has been zigzagging across the country and putting on some of the finest shows in any genre of music.

In a new 'Embedded' documentary for Current TV, Mos Def travels to Japan on his tour for 'The Ecstatic.' You get some prime concert footage, but more importantly, the nearly hour-long program brings the viewer an amazing travelogue of Japan with Mos as tour guide. He even rides a bullet train!

Follow the Boogie Man as he deals with crazy fans, hits up the Harajuku fashion district for the latest in style, heads to a sumo wrestling match and gets a personal tour of the Tokyo Giants' ballpark from Marc Kroon -- Mos' friend and a confirmed Japanese baseball phenomenon. The artist also talks about great thinkers throughout history that he calls "ecstatics."

For those that aren't so interested in Japan, there's still a ton of great content about Mos Def's music. He not only performs, but explores the meaning behind songs like 'Auditorium,' 'Quiet Dog Bite Hard' and 'Casa Bey' in some auxiliary outtakes on the Current TV website.