According to several sources, Long Beach, CA rapper Crooked I was shot in Los Angeles Friday night.

While reports are still sketchy, a source close to the rapper confirmed that he had been "hurt badly, but he's alive."

Fellow LA rapper G. Malone wrote via Twitter that "Something happened...which they ain't explaining, but Crooked is OK. He is at home in fine condition." Malone avoided confirmation of the shooting, saying "I'm not saying Crooked did or didn't get shot, n----- don't know. I'm just saying he isn't dead nor is he dying. Someone had media saying he was fatally wounded. That's not true."

The rumor mill was buzzing about Crooked's shooting all weekend, but the rapper kept silent until Sunday, when he called DJ Vlad to state that he was alive and well.

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"Physically I'm good," he told Vlad. "Mentally I'm kind of in a f---ed up place right now, but physically I'm good."

When asked to describe the circumstances of the situation, Crooked said simply "I was just at the wrong place, wrong time...right now I'm just trying to get to the bottom of it. When s--- like that pops off, it's kinda better to just leave it where it happened, you know?"

He remained vague for the rest of the call, refusing to either confirm the shooting or identify the shooters, saying, "I don't want nobody getting no fame off of nothing, bringing negativity towards me. I'm good. I just want to get to the bottom of this s---, you know, and just keep moving. "

Listen to the call here.