Singer Cramer has learned some valuable lessons while on her first-ever promotional tour as a winner of the 2015 GRAMMY Amplifier, A Hyundai Music Initiative. During her trek this summer, the Maryland native earned her stripes in the art of moving the crowd.

Thanks to Hyundai and the GRAMMY Amplifier program -- a nationwide talent search that she and two other artists won back in March -- Cramer has gained confidence as an artist and is capable to rock crowds larger than she ever imagined.

Prior to hitting the road, the 22-year-old singer, born Akira Cramer, hand-picked the musicians in her band -- from the drummer to the bass player to the keyboardist. She also sat down with her mentor, reggae icon Ziggy Marley, to get some sagely advice.

So what did she learn while out on tour? "I learned that you have to pull stuff out of people," says Cramer. "Hey, lets engage with each other."

Cramer also recorded her shows so she could watch the footage afterwards to improve on her live performance. For example, her show in San Diego, Calif., was short but impactful, however, she took notes on stage presence and which songs worked better for the crowd.

At her headlining gig in Washington, D.C., Cramer delivered a near-flawless performance and received a huge round of applause from the audience.

In short, all of Cramer's hard work has finally paid off.

"I felt recognized," the GRAMMY Amplifier winner said of the crowd's joyous cheers. "I felt like my work hadn't gone in vain."

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