Now over two weeks into therapy, the couples (and singles) are really starting to open up on 'Couples Therapy,' including Ghostface Killah. Despite losing both Kelsey and Leticia in the last episode, the rapper decides to stay and fully involve himself in therapy. He wants to figure out how he can better improve his relationships and how he treats women.

So when Dr. Jenn Berman has everyone talk about their family situation and upbringing, Ghostface finally feels comfortable enough to reveal how his childhood shaped his growing up into a man.

"So my pops left when I was like six," he starts. "And I remember like me, almost trying to become a man, like early. And I guess that's why I started doing things like robbing and doing stick-ups and doing stuff that boys do that's lost."

He continues, "Because you feel lonely. Being in the house though, you'd probably just look for a hug, you know what I mean. And I question myself, 'Did I really, ever really get a hug?' You know my mom's just passed away, and I miss her, too... If I received that, maybe the women I had relationships with, I probably would have given them that [love] a little more different."

Dr. Berman calls Ghostface's realization a breakthrough. "You didn't get empathy," she says. "You didn't get that connection. You didn't get that bond, and I think that has carried out in your relationship with Kelsey. Such great work today."

Even though this doesn't mean all is well and good between Ghostface and Kelsey, she can't help but smile at the fact that at least he's trying to take therapy a bit more seriously. "We get out of group, and that was eye-opening," Kelsey reveals in a solo interview. "It's crazy for me to hear him just opening up and just letting his true inner emotions kind of come out."

We start to see that although there might not be a romantic relationship there anymore between Ghostface and Kelsey, there is a friendship where the two can talk in a civil way. They discuss what happened in group therapy and how they feel. "The kid is hurt a little bit, you know what I mean," he says during his own solo interview. "I only spent the last few days here thinking, 'Yo what the f--- else can I get of this. I got a lot of work to do."

And while Kelsey could stay upset with what transpired between Ghostface and herself, she promises to get to a point where she can forgive him before leaving the 'Couples Therapy' house. Things seem to be looking up for these two despite the fact that other couples in the house are starting to crumble.

Will Ghostface continue this therapeutic path? Or will he put up a wall again? Tune in next week to find out.