With any star's rise to fame comes moments where either the media (or a fellow crew member) may utter a couple of words that can spiral into an all out rumor mill. Nicki Minaj is no exception. While Nicki has managed to bypass most rumors unscathed, she's endured her fair share of gossip. Most has been proven to be untrue, but some ... well we're not so sure. Check out what's the 411 after the jump.

Rumor #1: Nicki Minaj was "dating" Lil Wayne

Like most artistic situations involving men and women, questions arise as to whether or not the two are romantically involved. Upon Wayne's discovery of Nicki Minaj and adding her to the Young Money roster, the inevitable rumor that the two were dating became a thing.

The verdict: False (as far as we know). Nicki has managed to keep herself above the "are you dating Young Money" rumors. Leave all that to Kat Stacks.

Rumor #2: Nicki Minaj was "dating" Remy Ma

Last year, a video circulated on YouTube where a young woman claimed to have had an affair with rapper Remy Ma. The girl was rumored to be Nicki Minaj. Check out the video:

The verdict: False. Come on now, you know that's not Nicki. Next.

Rumor #3: Nicki Minaj Doesn't Write Her Own Rhymes

Once Nicki's lyricism reached full throttle, her pen game came into question. Rumors started that Lil Wayne was writing her rhymes, then Drake, then everyone else.

The verdict: False. Nicki writes her own rhymes and confirms it in the video below. Besides, with reference tracks like 'Saxon' leaking where she was even writing for Rihanna, how could Nicki not write her own stuff?

Rumor #4: Nicki Minaj and Drake Got Married

It all started when @drakkardnoir (Drake) tweeted @nickiminaj (Nicki) and the rest of the world announcing he was betrothed to the lyrical vixen. Nicki retweeted it, and then the bridal bouquet started rolling. The fans were flamed through the Drizzy track "Miss Me" where Drake says, "I love Nicki Minaj, I told her I'd admit. I hope one day we get married just to say we f*ckin' did it."

The verdict: False. Nicki confirmed on Twitter this was just a phone little rumor. Imagine if they did get married?

Rumor #5: Nicki Minaj and Lil' Kim are at War

Way back at the beginning of Nicki's career, her promo shots closely resembled Lil' Kim's promo pics from her debut album 'Hardcore.' Then Nicki claimed the Barbie title, and well, Kim wasn't happy about that. Kim started publicly denouncing Miss Minaj, while Nicki kept inserting clever jabs into song's like 'Monster,' 'Check It Out,' and then 'Roman's Revenge.' Following 'Roman's Revenge' Lil' Kim spoke out at a club in Queens, referring to Nicki as "Sicki Garbaj" and claiming she would erase Nicki's social security number and could kill Nicki's music with any of her old music.

The verdict: True. While Nicki has denied that 'Roman's Revenge' has anything to do with Lil' Kim, Kim has spoken loud enough for the both of them to declare a full out Barbie Battle. Stay tuned.