Young Money rapper Cory Gunz appears poised to make good on his considerable promise as an MC with his aptly-titled new mixtape 'Son of a Gun.'

In between wrapping the first season of his MTV reality show of the same name, and prepping to join the rest of his Young Money crew for the second leg of Lil Wayne's epic I Am Still Music Tour on July 13, Gunz has given fans a sizeable amount to chew on with his new tape.

Hosted by mixtape-DJ's-of-the-moment Ill Will and Rockstar, 'Son of a Gun' features guest appearances by Meek Mill, Juicy J, Uncle Murda, Young Money teammate Gudda Gudda and president Mack Maine, over production by Dot & Pro, Nottz and more.

Despite the glaring absence of Young Money's top three stars, and some questionable production choices, the spotlight is aimed at the dexterously-tongued prodigy Gunz here, and he more than holds his own. The tape may be a few days late, but for Gunz, it's right on time.

Download Cory Gunz' 'Son of a Gun' mixtape here.

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