In mid-January, it was reported that Young Money signee, Cory Gunz, would star in an upcoming MTV documentary titled 'Son of a Gun.' But now, the show might be delayed due to legal issues.

TMZ reports that John Fratto, son of famous Italian mob boss Louis Fratto, has issued a cease and desist letter to MTV for the new series, which co-incidentally bears the same title as his own reality show 'Son of a Gun.' Fratto claims that he came up with the concept for his show -- which documents the normal life of a post-mafia family -- in 2004, and has come "very close" to securing a deal with a major television network. Fratto claims that Nick Cannon has stolen the title of his show, in addition to some of the concepts featured in its' pilot episodes. He has requested that MTV scrap the documentary unless the title is changed immediately.

'Son of a Gun' was intended to focus on the hip-hop career of Cory Gunz and his father, Bronx rapper Peter Gunz, who scored a hit with his 1998 single 'Déjà Vu.'

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