Cormega and Drake

It's no secret that Drake has had it pretty easy thus far. Still with no official record to his name, he has a $2 million deal with Universal, stamps of approval from Lil Wayne, Kanye West and Jay-Z, and remains so hot he's pretty much omnipresent. Now's about the time for the haters to step up and provide their two cents, and our first contender is... [drum roll] Cormega.

"I can't f--- with Drake," said Mega in an interview with Street Disciplez Radio. "I like Drake. I like Drake as a young man trying to make money, but I can't take him serious."

Cormega's patronizing criticism makes some sense, considering his lyrics tell stories about harsh, impoverished inner-city conditions and relationships. He's also relatively old school at this point. Remember that he came up in Queensbridge and Nas shouted him out on 'Illmatic' (before their early Aughts beef). It's only logical that rappers that built careers on gritty realism are going to take issue with Drake's flimsy life narrative.

"He's rich," complained Mega. "He's rich man. I don't like when these spoiled rich kids just get into rap because it's something they can do but they pops got money and put 'em in the game and then they start rapping about something - a life they could never live... Go do something else. I mean, s---, if I could switch with you, I would be the rich dude, the rich goody good my whole life. N----- like us rap about s--- because we live it. These n----- use rap as a hobby."

Perhaps Cormega is simply unwilling to accept viewpoints from other classes or maybe he's pretty savvy at this point. Mega's new record, 'Born and Raised' drops October 20, so the timing of his Drake criticism is perfect to garner some extra attention for his own work. Considering the abysmal recent sales from 90s icons (Ghostface Killah, M.O.P. and Fat Joe to name a few), trying to take out one of the hottest in the game is never a bad idea when you have a new disc of your own to hype.