90's rapper Coolio caught a lucky break this week, avoiding jail time for his recent crack possession and battery charges.

The California entertainer, famous for living in a 'Gangsta's Paradise,' faced three years in prison if found guilty on the charges, stemming from a March 6 bust at LAX, where officials found crack cocaine and smoking paraphernalia in the rapper's luggage.

Coolio attempted to avoid the search and seizure by physically fighting off authorities at the airport, tacking a misdemeanor battery charge on top of his felony possession.

Thankfully, Coolio will be instead be entering an 18-month drug rehab program, after pleading guilty to felony possession of cocaine. The other charges were dropped, and Coolio will be eligible for a dismissal once he has successfully completed the 18-month rehab stint.

Coolio is having an interesting year thus far, earlier in the year he caused a stir as a guest on UK TV program "Celebrity Big Brother," and most recently he was spotted receiving a "crotch rub" by an Italian model at a fashion party in Milan. Pauly Shore, looks like he's taking your lane.