three six mafiaIn the past year we watched Snoop Dogg ham it up with Martha Stewart, saw 50 Cent make nice with Rachel Ray, and now Three 6 Mafia are trying to make their mark in the culinary world. Juicy J and DJ Paul made an appearance at Wolfgang Puck's Beverley Hills restaurant, Spago, this week to flex their muscles in the kitchen.

The two rappers explored the facilities while they snapped some shots for an upcoming spread in Food Magazine. Though the appearance seemed a little out of character for the Memphis rappers, the stunt was all a part of their promotional scheme to launch a new cooking show in 2010. The duo initially explained plans to launch the show, titled 'Cookin' Ain't Easy,' back in 2009. The show would feature the two friends hosting a weekly dinner party for close friends, celebrity guests and fans.

"We're not just cooking soul food like people might expect," Juicy J. explained. "We're cooking Indian food, Italian, Asian, Middle Eastern food –- all different kinds of foods that people wouldn't think we could cook. It's a comedy, it's funny and we love bringing people together for it." The show will be produced by Adam Biles, who has earned himself production credits on several shows including 'Survivor' and 'The Contender.'

Check out Juicy J and DJ Paul below as they chop it up with Wolfgang Puck.