Though no longer affiliated with G.O.O.D. Music, rapper Consequence has leaked a new song entitled 'On My Own,' featuring a hook by Kid Cudi and production by Kanye West.

Originally intended for release on his ill-fated 'Cons TV' album, the embittered former Kanye West-collaborator and alleged ghost writer has liberated the song for fans, as a coming attraction for his upcoming 'Movies on Demand 3' mixtape.

The song is an odd one -- both musically and conceptually -- as Consequence's lyrics appear unmistakably aimed towards his former partner, who produced the middling, quirky beat, spitting, "The same homeys that I thought were my support system/ Got the nerve to jerk me like the court system."

Kid Cudi crooning on the hook further drives Cons' complaint home, as the former "lonely stoner" sings, "I could do it on my own, I don't have to listen to your lies, forever/ I've been movin' on my own for some time now, so I gotta say goodbye, forever."

In a recent Billboard interview, the Queens MC expressed similar frustrations over failing to receive his share of credit for Kanye's success. "I'm one of the premiere songwriters in music over the last decade and it hasn't fully been exploited out of loyalty and out of business structure," he lamented. "I wrote a plethora of records that people are familiar with... I wrote the verses to 'Paranoid' with Kanye. It's a lot of people's favorite record from '808s and Heartbreak.'"

Whether the song is a diss track aimed at his former partner, or perhaps his cousin, Q-Tip, with whom he is also currently at odds, 'On My Own' will appear on Consequences's next mixtape. 'Movies on Demand 3,' which is coming soon.