Common appreciates a good soldier and in honor of Veteran's Day, he releases a poem he wrote called 'This War We Fight,' in which he thanks those in the armed forces for protecting our country.

"This war we fight, it goes through the night, 'til the mourning of fallen soldiers / Standing angels we stand upon their shoulders, about cold war they told us / Peace, be still, peace is not far away / It's not far from where we are today / This war we fight with the might of the all-mighty / So even on dark days this light will guide me," he recites.

The rapper performed the spoken word piece at the White House's Veteran's Day celebration. The clip finds the well-respected artist looking out of the window at the Washington Monument, as he stands in a dark room with his back turned to the camera.

There's no thumping track in the background or hook of any kind, it's just Common reciting the words over floating keyboard sounds, which makes it easy to hone in on what he's saying.

You've got to give it up to the 'Nobody's Smiling' creator for taking time out of his busy schedule to thank those in uniform.

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