Jay-Z's 'Decoded' memoir is currently the talk of the town, but Common is the latest rapper to set his sights on infiltrating the publishing world. The Chi-Town native has inked a new deal with Atria Books to release his first memoir in June, 2011.

The memoir, 'One Day It'll Make Sense,' will bear the title of Common's 1997 album and it will detail his rise to hip-hop fame, from his childhood in Chicago's notorious South Side neighborhood. The personal book will feature detailed entries on Common's collaborations with fellow Chicago native and producer Kanye West, including their journey to create hits like 'Southside.'

Common's acting career, which has recently included performances in the films such as 'American Gangster,' 'Terminator: Salvation,' and 'Just Wright,' with Queen Latifah, will also be a focal point of the book. 'One Day It'll Make Sense' will be co-written by author Adam Bradley.

Common released his debut album 'Can I Borrow a Dollar' in 1992. His ninth studio project, 'The Believer' is intended for a 2011 release.

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