If there's any two people who can craft an inspirational freedom-fighter song, it's Common and John Legend, as they've practically made careers out of creating music with substance.

The two expanded on that approach on 'Good Morning America' today (Jan. 5) while performing 'Glory,' the title song from the Martin Luther King, Jr. biopic 'Selma.'

Dressed in black suits and looking ultra classy, both G.O.O.D. Music affiliates performed the song perfectly. They were backed by violin players and three back-up singers. Com rapped passionately, but took his time to enunciate every word clearly, while the 'All of Me' singer played the piano and belted out his lines with a husky delivery.

After being released in December, 'Glory' has been very well-received, even picking up a Golden Globe nomination for Best Original Song, which obviously pleased both artists since the song means a lot to them.

"I don't even know if I can express how excited I am to be nominated for a Golden Globe alongside John Legend for our song 'Glory,' said the 'Nobody's Smiling' creator in a statement.

"To be here with John Legend, whom I love and respect so much, makes the moment even more meaningful. We created 'Glory' from our hearts and being a part of Selma has been a life changing experience."

Watch the esteemed artists unite for 'Glory' above.

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