Common's new album, 'Finding Forever,' due in May, finds production from Kanye West and Will.I.Am, among others, but it's a track from the late J. Dilla, called 'So Far to Go' which also features D'Angelo, that means the most to the rapper.

"That dude affected my life and music in such a positive way. He was one of the greatest musicians," Common says of Dilla, who was also his one-time roommate. "When we went to the burial, I was looking at all the artists that were around -- A Tribe Called Quest, Pete Rock, all these great musicians. J.D. innovated hip-hop and it's the quiet way that he did it. Many people don't know the influence he had on so many producers. But from Pharrell to Kanye, they have all said, 'This dude is one of my favorites.'"