Is hip-hop shifting because of the Donald Trump victory, in terms of its collective voice and some of its content? It's possible. Take this new remix of Common's "Black America Again," featuring Gucci Mane and Pusha T and you may agree that the genre is changing a bit.

Undoubtedly, some might be surprised to see both Guwop and Push on a track with one of the most socially conscious rappers of our time but these days, it seems that rappers are becoming a little more united and working together to address some of today's issues. A great example of this is T.I.'s most recent release, the politically-charged Us or Else which featured Meek Mill and Quavo on the powerful track, "Black Man."

On the incredibly made remix, Gucci goes first and delivers one of his most poignant verses in recent memory.

"Come look into the eyes of a man named Gucci / Got me peeppin' out the blinds like Malcolm with the Uzi / The government, the church and the world is so polluted  / They calling me a criminal when I'm a revolution / Woke up in a prison cell and I had a revelation / That my life's a testimony, I could be an inspiration," he spits.

As far as Com, he spazzes on the track and puts together one powerful line after another.

"Taught by the ancestors who fought for our Liberation army / Islam palmed me and calmed me, so the world couldn't blond me / Lectures by Kwame Ture the ambiance of pan-Africansim / A man after wisdom, of the ancients," he raps.

Then Pusha closes things out and based on his recent involvement with the Clinton campaign and California's Prop 64 — which passed — you can tell he's changing in both his art and personal life.

"I confess, I've been part of the problem / As of lately I'm trying to solve them / I sold dope and I still talk the jargon / Just like Malcolm 'fore the X was on him," he cleverly spits.

Black America Again is Common's eleventh studio album, which dropped earlier this month and it contains features by Stevie Wonder, Bilal , John legend and others.

You can check out the "Black America Again" remix below, and please let us know how you're feeling it in the comments section.

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