Remember when Common came through and spit a hot 16 for our viewing and listening pleasure? Well, he's back again and this time he delivers another powerful freestyle.

For his second lyrical session, the Chicago rhymer spits a verse that flows like water and he gives props to his fellow rappers in the drill scene.

"Understand why I use the mic like a weapon / The mind is like that, yo, the way I strike back / Sorta like the empire, the way I em-spire / Yo, I've been fire, since the drill / Yo, we drill music coming down / This is real music from the Illinois / Yo, the drill-inois / You can feel the noise / Yo, I feel my boys," he raps.

In the clip, you see Common tapping the air with his right hand as if he's typing his rhymes on a keyboard. This shows that he's making up his words as they pop into his head. Now that's what freestyling is all about.

Watch Common show why he's one of the fiercest freestylers in the rap game.

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