Common ninth studio album, 'The Dreamer, The Believer,' was set to debut right around the Thanksgiving Holiday, however, the project has experienced a delay, with the forthcoming release coming almost a month later.

The latest single, 'Sweet' -- a follow-up to the Nas-assisted 'Ghetto Dreams' -- off the Chi-town MC's LP, is already in rotation, and he wants to give fans a little more time to digest the content.

"We wanted to get more of the material out there, to keep the buzz elevating, let people know more of what the album is about," Common tells The BoomBox. "We've been getting the feedback, like whether it's on my Twitter page or whatever, where people say, 'We just heard four songs, I know I'm getting the album.' For me, I want to create an album not just a single."

The 39-year-old entertainer, who released his first book 'One Day It'll All Make Sense' in September, crafts tracks that aren't just for the here and now, but for the future as well. "I didn't want to create just something that was gonna be made for this day," he expresses. "I like creating music that's timeless. We of course want the album to impact right now, to [evoke] this spirit of 'I wanna go buy this album.'"

Teaming once again with producer No I.D., whom he first worked with on his 'Can I Borrow a Dollar' debut, the rapper is confident that he has put together a solid project. "I feel it's definitely one of my favorite albums that I've done," Common states. "I really went in there with a love and desire to make incredible hip-hop music that can just come from my heart and my soul, and what I know hip-hop to be. Also, to able to cross generations and allow the music to hit the demographics that hip-hop music can hit, you do that by making incredible songs. We have a great album on our hands."

'The Dreamer, The Believer' hits stores Dec. 20.

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