'Ghetto Dreams,' the new collaboration between Chi-town MC Common and Queensbridge rhymer Nas, is giving rap fans a boost in their faith that hip-hop is still thriving in the music industry. To help push the song further, the duo are crafting an accompanying video to support the ode to the hood.

In a trailer for the forthcoming visuals, Nas and Common are seen standing against a wall before spitting their rhymes. Nasty Nas is decked out in a black Supreme hat and Jordan sneakers while the 'Be' creator keeps it simple in a purple hoodie and white T-shirt.

The pair then move from outdoors to a recording studio, with a glass of what appears to be some fine cognac in their hands. Nas opens up about the track, which he was more than floored to be featured on. "I was like, if I could be a part of this in any way, count me in," Nas revealed. "This s--- is crazy so me being a part of this thing here, it's meant to be."

While Nas speaks, words appear on the screen pointing to the director of the 'Ghetto Dreams' video, which happens to be Brian "B. Kyle" Atkins.

'Ghetto Dreams,' produced by famed beatmaker No I.D. is currently available on iTunes.

Watch the Trailer for Common and Nas' 'Ghetto Dreams' Video

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