Rolling with Jay-Z is never a bad idea, and it now appears that Malice, of critically acclaimed rap duo Clipse, might be going under Hov's wing for his solo debut. Details are still scarce, but Malice has pulled one of those denials that implies a big announcement will be on the way when all the contracts are signed and a marketing plan is in order.

"I didn't even know [the deal] got off the ground," said Malice to Brooklyn Bodega. "I'm not even talking about that ... I would tell you. When we're ready, we'll talk about that."

The Clipse's Pusha T recently suggested that the duo would use their solo albums to bolster content on the duo's Re-Up Gang record imprint. It's more likely that their label will ink distribution and marketing deals in order to get a bigger look. A Malice signing with Roc Nation would go along with this plan well.

Malice has said he's using this solo record to further explore the more spiritual, mature side of things that he brought to the latest Clipse record, 'Til the Casket Drops.'

"There are different sides to the Clipse," he explained. "And you know, when we come together as Clipse we have to honor that brand and what the people know us for. Everybody has more than one side, you know what I'm saying? I think I let people in on my spiritual side a lot as of lately."