Pitchfork writer Tom Breihan's review of the Clipse's upcoming 'Road to Til the Casket Drops' mixtape received an unexpected response Monday, when the rap group used their website to clap back with a little critique of their own.

While Breihan's review was largely positive, certainly receiving a better score than their previous mixtape, Clipse took issue with the general tone of the review and the shots the writer took at their perceived failure to cover a diverse enough range of topics. "Clipse should look beyond the corner and make a few tracks that don't revolve around white powder," Breihan wrote. "Like, for instance, maybe some girl songs. Just a thought."

Malice and Pusha responded on their website with a missive that broke down the group's intentions; "Unlike many of our peers, we don't get in the studio with the aim of making a club record, or a record for the ladies," they began. "In fact, if you've followed our career, you'll note that even our most popular, club-celebrated joints contain dangerously hard subject matter." The brothers Thornton then went on to break down the intentions of the reviewer, "It's very hard to swallow a review wherein the author slams the album for a full paragraph, but then backs off, saying 'I'm mostly just quibbling here.' Well, if you're admitting the criticism is unimportant and misaimed, what then is the intent?"

Breihan posted a slightly chagrined explanation on his website in response, admitting "If some random mixtape-circuit unknown had put this exact same tape out, I might've ranked it a couple of decimal points higher. But Malice and Pusha obviously take everything they do incredibly seriously, and I'd like to see all their new s--- measure up to past glories," before concluding, "I'm still gonna keep reviewing Clipse records, though, sorry."

Let's just hope this beef stays on the posts and doesn't spread to the comments though, fellas.