Hip-hop duo the Clipse have finally ended their relationship with Jive Records and the Neptunes' Star Trak Entertainment. Brothers Pusha T and Malice have officially signed to Columbia Records, and are already ironing out plans for their future.

"We're looking forward to '08 and putting out consecutive good music," Pusha told MTV.com. The siblings are also looking forward to releasing their long-awaited Re-Up Gang project, featuring up-and-coming artists from the rappers' once buried Re-Up Gang record label. "It's coming out so crazy, I don't know what to say about it. The gloves are off, it's time to rock. We're eight songs in. Mentally, I'm where I wanna be. The content is street."

The Clipse stepped on the scene under the Star Trak label and released their successful debut album 'Lord Willin',' in 2002. Star Trak joined Interscope Records in 2004, leaving the emcees behind at Jive. In the middle of their label drama and after several delays, the Clipse released 'Hell Hath No Fury,' in late 2006. The release sold a fraction of copies, compared to the sales of 'Lord Willin.''

Now that the duo are free from Jive, they hope their new home will be a better fit. "We're ecstatic," Pusha T said. "We just want to come into a situation that's fresh and everyone's trying to win. We haven't been in that situation for so long."