Clinton Sparks is known to wear many hats. In between spinning records in clubs all over the world, and working as a correspondent for E! News, the Boston native is also prepping a new album, which will feature one of hip-hop's most lauded MCs.

"What's funny is the record I did with Rick Ross is unlike any record you've ever heard before," Sparks tells The BoomBox. The track, titled 'Big Money,' will be released on Karmaloop Music, but as of now has no drop date.

According to Sparks, the collaboration with Ross, who he's produced for in the past, worked so well because he was willing to step outside of his comfort zone. "I made him do something that you wouldn't hear him on, or think to hear him on," the DJ reveals. "It's very indie rock, hip-hop. He killed it! I gave that same beat to other big rappers that came back saying, 'I don't know how to rap on this.' I was like, 'Listen to Ross' verse.'"

Elsewhere on the album, Sparks has collaborations with LMFAO, Travie McCoy and Pitbull -- the latter of which will appear on the album's first single 'Watch You,' due out next month.

Although nothing is set in stone, Sparks is also not above asking his old friend Eminem to jump on the album if need be. "I've known Eminem for 10 years," Sparks says. "I don't know if we'll ever work together [or] what his future holds as far as putting out more music on his own, but rest assured, if I get to a point on my album where I feel that I need him, I will be calling in a favor.

Clinton was nominated for a Grammy alongside Lady Gaga during Sunday's (Feb. 12) 54th Annual ceremony for his work on the singer's 'Born This Way' album. He produced the effort's song 'Bloody Mary.'

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Rapper Rick Ross Suffers Two Seizures

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