CLAE footwear has just released their lookbook for their early Spring 2014 collection. Judging by the selection, the footwear company knows how do bring functionality and fashion together in a pair of shoes.

Among the highlights of their collection are the four pair of kicks -- the Ellington, the Russell 07 and the Arthur.

The Ellington is a casual boot that boasts the Vibram cushiony sole that will make your feet feel like they are walking on soft pillows. The shoe comes in a two colors including cinnamon suede (pictured, above) and a black leather.

The second pair of kicks are the Russell 07, which have been designed with an angular 07 outsole with a perforated leather upper and a translucent outsole.

Finally, the Arthur is your traditional court sneaker with its lightweight brown EVA sole and leather upper.

In addition to those kicks, CLAE’s other silhouettes -- the Chambers, Gordon and Rogers -- are available in an assortment of colors.

You can find these sneakers and more at CLAE’s official website.