Using his RZA produced track 'Lost in Tokyo,' and singles 'Tell Me What's Good' and 'Lovin' It' to reach the masses, City Haze is creating a buzz both Stateside and overseas. Influenced by his life experiences and the '90s golden age of hip-hop, his debut LP 'Star Of The City' is available today (May 19), so The Boombox caught up with Haze to discuss what's on the horizon for the South Bronx-based emcee.

The Boombox: What songs or artists inspired you to pick up a mic?

City Haze: I grew up listening to a bunch of old school R&B. Al B. Sure's 'Night & Day' is definitely one of my all time favorite records. Most of my music leans toward female audiences and before I write and record a song I listen to that record just to get me in my zone [laughs]. I was also inspired by artists such as Michael Jackson, D'Angelo, Bill Withers, Rose Royce, Jay-Z, Pharrell and many more.

I love the diversity in your bars. Could you explain the importance of using different styles in songs?

Being diverse basically helps to widen your audience. It's always important to be able to deliver something different that catches the ears of those who listen to different styles in hip-hop. I try to mix hip-hop with other genres of music as much as possible. The more diverse I am, the bigger chances that I'll have to work with monster producers from other genres.

How did you hook up with RZA and does he have any other production on upcoming projects with you?

I was plugged into getting production from RZA through Starr Scream Entertainment. Being that 'Lost in Tokyo' was such a successful cross-over record, I'm hoping in the near future I will be able to work more directly on a project with him.

Already having the buzz in the States, how does it feel to be recognized internationally?

I love my fans overseas! They really support my sound of music and they respect what I'm bringing to the culture of hip-hop. It's a real blessing to be recognized as an artist whom the people believe will always delivers great music, which is what I aim to do.

What's in the future plans for City Haze?

In the future you'll see more collabs from me with other artists and producers. You'll also see more shows as well as more visuals -- those are on deck. After releasing my Star of the City LP, I'll be right back to work, putting together another project. So expect nothing but my best.

You can catch up on everything Haze has in store by following him on Twitter @CityHaze.