Ciara is the latest celebrity to have their Twitter account hacked into and personal life toyed with. Late, last night an old picture of the twenty-four year old singer and former boyfriend Bow Wow was sent from her account with the tweet,"@Ciara Gosh guys you don't know how good it feels to be back with Bow again."

Within minutes the infinite speed of the Internet had fans and media scratching their heads wondering if Cici and Bow Wow had really rekindled their love. The two young entertainers shared a serious relationship in 2006, but have pretty much steered clear of each other since their breakup.

Ciara was quick to dispel the rumors and confirmed through her publicist that someone had indeed hacked into her Twitter account, this marking the second offense. "I am so sooo sorry for any confusion if any," Ciara declared with a follow-up tweet. "It was very immature for someone to hack my account! I am hoping everything will be fine now." Currently, Ciara is working on her fourth studio album and has been featured on a number of remixes as of late, including Ludacris' latest single, 'How Low.'