While other celebrities enter the fashion world with clothing lines or one fragrance after the next, Ciara is hoping to take a different approach. The svelte 24-year-old has found a love for photo shoots and hopes to parlay her love of dressing up for the camera into a full-fledged modeling career one day.

"I get inspired from fashion," Ciara told The BoomBox. "I feel like fashion and music run parallel to each other. Music meets fashion and fashion meets music, from my perspective. When I'm going to perform, what I'm going to wear makes me feel different when I perform."

Ciara has already taken the first step into her new career choice, signing a deal with Wilhelmina Models in 2009, and appearing in several fashion spreads in big name publications like French Vogue and V Magazine. "I really wanted to do so much in the world of fashion, it's like another talent but a fun one, one that I enjoy. I love waking up to go shoot, that's exciting to me. With photo shoots its kind of like music. I really want to push it and become a model at some point, and mix it with my music -- that's my next thing.

While she's busy traveling the world sitting front row at different fashion shows and drawing inspiration from some of her favorite brands like Givenchy and Hermes, Ciara is still very much about her music. Her fourth album 'Basic Instinct' drops November 2.