"Basically it's me just creating my own 'Love Sex Magic' show, and I was inspired by [Las Vegas] shows in particular, especially the Crazy Horse show, and I just wanted to create my own interpretation of that," Ciara told the BoomBox while discussing her new, hot video for her latest single, 'Love Sex Magic,' featuring Justin Timberlake, off her upcoming album 'Fantasy Ride.'

The diva puts on a very special show for Timberlake, who acts as a voyeur in the burlesque-like video, but behind the scenes and during the recording session the artists kept it PG.

"He's so down to earth, such a fun person, such a humble person and we just cracked up and had a good time. I really really enjoyed myself ... and we also ate good food," Ciara reflected, before revealing that she and Timberlake abandoned their respective regimens and chowed down during the recording session. Timberlake even introduced her to what most people consider a pretty basic fare.

"He introduced me to this meal, it's like spaghetti and meatballs, it was really good. I also was munching down on my Cuban food. And then I made these chocolate chip cookies in the studio. I'm kind of like "We're not supposed to be eating this. It was a lot of fun."