After several years -- 26 to be exact -- in the music industry, Public Enemy frontman Chuck D wants to head up the record company that released PE's first major label album. In a recent interview, the rapper/political activist said he's interested in heading Def Jam Records.

"After 10 years looking on the collapsing of the record industry, and upon hearing the news of Jay-Z stepping down from Def Jam, I would throw my name into the hat of somebody who understands how the hell Universal should establish the name-brands they acquire with stockholders' money," Chuck D told AllHipHop.

The 47-year-old has spent recent years sounding off on a variety of issues, including mp3 sharing and the flooding of negative content in hip-hop.

"Instead of me running for politics, this is an easier run into the world of influential culture," he said. "I will bring the noise."