Veteran rapper, author and social activist Chuck D has partnered with music marketing website in an effort to figure out the "science" behind hit songs. The website, which launched in June, measures the mainstream potential of songs and analyzes the music patterns to scientifically predict whether a song will be a hit or miss.

"There are more than 12 million artists on the web looking to get their music exposed to the masses," David Meredith, CEO of Uplaya's parent company Music Intelligence Solutions. "Uplaya serves as a viable tool to help artists create better music and inspire creativity without making artist feel they need to recycle their sound to make hit music."

Chuck D's involvement with Uplaya's "patented Hit Song Science and Music Universe technology" seems to stem from the Public Enemy frontman's desire to connect music lovers with talented artists who share the same taste in tunes.

"Online services have helped address the 'availability' problem for music, but consumers and artists are still frustrated by a lack of visibility to easily connect great artists with potential fans," Chuck D explained in a recent interview. "Music Intelligence Solutions can solve the visibility problem better than any technology that I have seen."